Photos of vintage cars racing

This site shows a selection of photos mainly from the archives at LAT Photo. The archive contains about 12 million images from the late 1800s to the present day.

The majority of the images themselves come from Autocar magazine but there are some from The Motor, Motorsport and Autosport. Prints are available to buy.

If there are cars that you recognise and have information about please do leave comments or get in touch.

Recently added photos

Austin Sevens at start of 1930 BRDC 500 Mile Race

Austin Sevens at start of 1930 BRDC 500 Mile Race, Earl of March, Sammy C H Davis, Gunnar Poppe, Charles Goodacre, S A Crabtree, J D Barnes, W E Harker, A V Wilkinson, P Brewster, Boyd Carpenter, E F Philips
BRDC 500 Mile Race
October 1930
Austin Seven (7) Sports
Austin Seven (7) Specials Mr Jo Jo
Austin Seven (7) Specials Mrs Jo Jo
Registration Number: 
  • VP 1819
Driver / Mechanic / Passenger: 
Earl of March
Sammy C H Davis
Gunnar Poppe
Charles Goodacre
S A Crabtree
J D Barnes
W E Harker
A V Wilkinson
P Brewster
Boyd Carpenter
E F Philips
Autocar Glass Plate B5057