Bugatti and Silver Hawk at Southend speed trials

Bugatti and Silver Hawk at Southend speed trials, Raymond Mays, G D F Keddie
Photo reference: 
Autocar Glass Plate A606


What a cracking shot - there's enough background detail to have chance of finding the location. I think that the Bugatti is driven by Leon Cushman , who drove for the Bugatti Concessionaire Major Lefevre (the car looks a bit too standard to be one of Raymond Mays cars). I assume that he is the same Leon Cushman who later drove Dutch Clog Austins, or was that the the former GN mechanic?

I agree the Bugatti does look in surprisingly standard form,
but it is the young Mr Mays at the wheel of Cordon Rouge. Silver Hawk behind,
probably one of the Keddie family driving. At Westcliff I think.

The Autocar's report contains this photo. The caption confirms that
it is Raymond Mays and that the Silver Hawk behind was driven by
G D F Keddie.

The Bugatti driver is indeed Raymond Mays and the location is Chalkwell Eplanade in Westcliff on Sea, Essex. (I grew up living there & my mother still does)