Lea-Francis at 1930 Shelsley Walsh amateur hillclimb

Lea-Francis at 1930 Shelsley Walsh amateur hillclimb, A S Llewellyn
Photo reference: 
Autocar Glass Plate B4984


Shown running in Team Event for Cambridge University Motor Club. Teamed with Robin Jackson (Vauxhall 30/98) and W.D. Philips (1990cc Bugatti).

The Lea-Francis S Type (Hyper) is chassis 14175 and, I assume, is being driven by A S Llewellyn, who owned the car at the time. Other than a No.8 (as opposed to a No.9) Cozette supercharger, the car was unusually sold with a Works competition spec. engine including at Baer roller-bearing crank.
The car still exists, albeit now fitted with a four-seater body.